Fighting for the championship in the 5th group in the HONEY League, Leader Yeni Aksaray Spor defeated Karaman Belediye Spor, which was hosted at Atatürk Stadium in the 18th week, by 3-1 and increased its score to 39. Mehmet GÜNEŞ’s goals in the first half came from Gökhan KARAKUM and Hakan DOĞAN in the second half.


Yeni Aksaray Spor : Ersoy UÇTU, Ramazan COŞKUNER, İbrahim KONUKSEVER, Barış BOZKURT , Hakkı Hakan ÖZHAN, Mehmet GÜNEŞ, Yasin YEŞİLYURT, Ömer KAPLAN, Gökhan KARAKUM, Zafer SEVER, Hakan DOĞAN
Substitutes: Uğurcan Kadir MUTLU , Yılmaz DORA, Osman ÇAKIR, Süleyman ÇAKIR ÖZTÜRK, Akif KARAKUŞ, Allotey AZİZ
Coach: Levent ARIKDOĞAN
Goals: Mehmet GÜNEŞ at 28 minutes, Gökhan KARAKUM at 70 minutes, Hakan DOĞAN at 75 minutes

New Aksaray Sports 3 – 1 Karaman Belediye Spor

Karaman Belediyespor: Tayfun ONAT, Mustafa SAYAN, Bayram TEKIN, Yunus BATAN, Mehmet YENİLER, Hüseyin ARDIÇ, Samet CELEBI, Erdal FIRTINA, Erman DEVECI, Tayyar KARADAĞ, Yusuf KILIÇ
Coaches: Necati YRGANCILAR

While Aksaray Sports lovers and fans filled the indoor and outdoor stands in Atatürk Stadium, 12th man 68 YOUTH cheered and supported the team throughout the match. In the protocol, the provincial director of sports Süleyman ARISOY, ASKF President Cavit KILIÇ and President Ali KARAKUŞ watched the match together.

New Aksaray Sports 3 – 1 Karaman Belediye Spor

Karaman Belediye Spor started the game with the whistle of Gürel UZUNER from Ankara region.

The goalkeeper prevented Hakan DOĞAN’s head shot at the corner kick of Captain Yasin in the 12th minute.
In the 20th minute, the danger of Karaman Belediyespor’s goal was removed at the expense of a successful glove injury.
Aksaray Spor awarded a free kick after 27 minutes . Experienced and successful defender Barış BOZKURT took the free kick. On his shot, the ball came back into the penalty area from the top corner of the goal post. Meeting with the ball, Ömer KAPLAN transferred the ball to Mehmet GÜNEŞ. Mehmet GÜNEŞ corrected the ball and scored the goal that put Yeni Aksaray Spor ahead 1-0 in the 28th minute when he met the nets over the goalkeeper Tayfun in his shot .
New Aksaray Sports 3 – 1 Karaman Belediye Spor

After the Golden, Aksaray Spor loaded Karaman Belediyespor’s goal from the middle and from the wings for the second goal. Mustafa SAYAN received a yellow card for the foul committed against Zafer SEVER during the left flank attack of Zafer SEVER. Karaman Belediyespor hardened the game against these attacks.

Experienced glove Ersoy kicked the shot into the goal in the 42nd minute. While Aksaray Spor was effective in the first half , Karaman Belediyespor was on the defensive. In his rare attacks, the goalkeeper Ersoy did not allow the goal. The first half ended with the 1-0 advantage of Aksaray Spor .
Yeni Aksaray Spor started the second half .

In the 49th minute, successful defender İbrahim KONUKSEVER transferred the ball to Mehmet GÜNEŞ as he was approaching the penalty area line. Karaman defense took the shot of Mehmet GÜNEŞ, who met the ball, out.
The shot of Hakan DOĞAN, who knocked the ball into the penalty area when the ball was coming in the middle, returned from the goal post after 53 minutes.
A free kick was awarded after a foul committed against Captain Yasin in the 57th minute. Barış took the free kick. His shot came back from defense.
at the 70th minute; Hakan DOĞAN, who did not step foot on the field today and showed a superior performance, made the situation 2-0 when he passed the ball from the midfield, passed the Karaman defense, and sent the ball to the nets with a stylish shot to Gökhan KARAKUM in the penalty area.
In the 74th minute, captain Yasin was taken to the side of the game with “Great Captain” cheers and Osman ÇAKIR joined the game.
Mehmet GÜNEŞ, the owner of the first goal in the 75th minute, took the ball from the right wing into the penalty area and made the score 3-0 as master striker Hakan sent the ball to the net over the goalkeeper Tayfun.
Omer KAPLAN suffered a slight injury in the 77th minute and was replaced by Yilmaz DORA.
While the stands were getting excited after 3-0, the new transfer Aziz kept the tempo with cheers.

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