Aksaray Spor Team is Ready for the New Aksaray Spor Nevşehir Match!

Our representative Yeni Aksaray Spor , competing in the 5th group of the BAL League, finished the first half as the leader with 30 points. The second half of the league will start with the matches to be played on January 27, 2013 . Our representative Yeni Aksaray Sports will host Nevşehir Youth Sports at Atatürk Stadium on Sunday . Yeni Aksaray Spor won the first match 2-0 in Nevşehir .

Yeni Aksaray Spor finished the Antalya camp on Thursday evening and returned to Aksaray. Athletes taking leave on Friday will do light sweat training on Saturday and wait for the match time.

levent arikdogan 908×1024 New Aksaray Spor Ready for Nevşehir Match!While evaluating the Belek camp, Coach Levent ARIKDOĞAN said , “It has been a great morale booster for my players. In the friendly matches, we had the opportunity to watch different players on the field in both halves. Seeing the shortcomings of our team, we continued our work. He said that the players in the squad are of the same value. I saw the situation of my players who could not find a chance to play in camp studies and friendly matches. Our goal is to maintain this stability and to keep the championship that Yeni Aksaray Sports deserves .” said.

ali karakus is ready for Yeni Aksaray Spor Nevşehir Match!Chairman Ali KARAKUS “Our team is ready for the second half. We want to start the league with a win. Very difficult matches await us in the second half. All teams will prepare themselves accordingly against a leading team. But I trust my team and my players. In addition, the support of the fans and the team is integrated. This will make it easier for us to win the match. At the end of the league, every match is a final for us to see it promoted to the professional league.” In the Nevşehir match , he invited Aksaray sports fans and 68 Youth to the match and wanted Yeni Aksaray Spor to be with him.