Four buses departing from Aksaray, private vehicles, and a crowd of three hundred fans from Mersin and Adana did not leave New Aksaray Spor alone on the road to Ceyhan. Throughout the match, the fans supported the 68 Youth teams with their cheers. IGM President Özkan DOYGUN was among those who watched the match.

Yeni Aksaray Spor started the match directed by Şevket ŞİMŞEĞİN from Antalya region. While coaching Levent ARIKDOĞAN, captains Yasin YEŞİLYURT, Mehmet GÜNEŞ and Ramazan COŞKUNER rested on the bench, Osman ÇAKIR, Ömer KAPLAN and Hasan DİNÇEL took the field in the top eleven.


Ceyhanspor focused on defense as the game passed in the middle in the first fifteen minutes. As the ground stadium was very heavy and completely muddy, it was difficult for both teams to play.
Ceyhan defense prevented Hasan DİNÇEL’s goal threat within the Ceyhanspor penalty area in the 17th minute.
Ceyhanspor took a free kick in the 20th minute. Ersoy UÇTU punched the ball with the successful glove. The ball falling in front of the opposing player, on the shot; the ball went auta from the top.
Despite the weight of the stadium floor in the 35th minute, Yeni Aksaray Spor continued to load into the Ceyhan castle.
Goalkeeper Abdullah prevented Hakkı Hakan’s head shot in the middle of Zafer SEVER’s penalty area in the 40th minute.
Successful defender captain İbrahim KONUKSEVER suffered a minor injury in the double fight in front of the goal in the 43rd minute.
IMG 2293 1024×683 Ceyhanspor 0 – Yeni Aksaray Spor 0
Ceyhanspor started the second half. Mehmet GÜNEŞ started the game instead of Osman ÇAKIR in Yeni Aksaray Spor.

Ömer KAPLAN took a free kick in the 55th minute. Captain İbrahim KONUKSEVER’s shot was taken away from goalkeeper Abdullah in the penalty area.
While Abdurrahman YAMAN was taken to the edge of the game, Ramazan COŞKUNER joined the game.
Ceyhanspor took a free kick in the 60th minute. The new Aksaray Spor defense has removed the danger.
In the 70th minute, Zafer SEVER shot Zafer SEVER’s shot into Ramazan COŞKUNER’s penalty area.
In the 73rd minute, Mehmet GÜNEŞ’s ball was shot by Hasan DİNÇEL into the penalty area, and the goalkeeper Abdullah barely saved Hasan DİNÇEL’s shot.
In the 75th minute, Kayahan KÖYLÜ in Ceyhanspor was taken to the side of the game, while Emrah TUTUM, who played in Yeni Aksaray Spor last year, was included in the game.
Hasan DİNÇEL was sidelined in the 80th minute and Yasin YEŞİLYURT was included in the game.
After 86 minutes, Gökhan KARAKUM fouled in the midfield and Emrah TUTUM fouled off the ball, and the referee sent Emrah TUTUMU out of the game with a red card. There was a short brawl after the card.
IMG 2483 1024×683 Ceyhanspor 0 – Yeni Aksaray Spor 0
Successful left-back Hakkı Hakan ÖZHAN passed the opponent’s defense with a stylish dribble in the 88th minute. While approaching the corner line, goalkeeper Abdullah caught Hakan DOĞAN’s head shot in the middle of the penalty area.
Yeni Aksaray Spor put up a good fight against Ceyhanspor despite a heavy and muddy ground. Towards the end of the second half, he played almost a single goal match. In the 21st week, he got a point away from the road. He increased his score to 44 and continued his leadership.

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