In order to represent Aksaray in the BAL League in the 2012-2013 football season, BAL League representative 68 Yeni Aksaray Spor and amateur league Play Off champion Aksaray Belediye Spor will meet at Atatürk Stadium on April 15, 2012.

In the 6th Group of the BAL League, our representative, who came out with the championship password in the 2011-2012 football season, missed his chance to play the Play Off after the injuries and unfortunate results in 68 Yeni Aksaray Spor and finished in the 3rd place. Preparations for the BAL League jump-off match, which will be played on the dispersed synthetic field, continue under the management of Coach Serkan AYDIN. Coach Serkan AYDIN ​​said in his statement, “We did not get the results we wanted on this road that we set out to become the champion at the beginning of the season, and we moved away from the championship. We will complete the preparations for the dam match that we will play with Belediye Spor at the weekend, and we will win this match and present it to the fans.” said.Aksaray and Aksaray Sports lover Club President Ali KARAKUŞ, who struggled alone in 68 Yeni Aksaray Spor, who followed the works closely, said, “We made a good start in this long league marathon that we went out for the championship at the beginning of the season and progressed to our goal. However, the injuries and some deficiencies experienced in the team in the last weeks caused a loss of points and we fell behind the competitors. We finished the league in the 3rd place. What upset me the most was that I couldn’t make the team and our fans of this city win a championship. They deserve the best of success. But the city’s elders and provincial administrators, who did not support Aksaray and its team, did not come to a match, why did they support it? We and the enduring fans fought for Aksaray’s success. Deprivation and loneliness are among the biggest reasons for the championship we missed, the indifference of the city’s elders to the team lies. We will finish the 2011-2012 season with a good final atmosphere with the dam match we will play with the amateur league play-off champion Aksaray Municipality, let the fans experience this happiness and continue on our way tirelessly, and we will protect 68 New Aksaray Spor. The man invited him to the game in the 68th Youth and asked him to be with his team.

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