Stock Monthly Investment Plan

Choose the apt deals, find the best market news in Economic Calendar, invest the right amount and ensure proper resources to track your trade effectively.
Cover Trading Fees
Pound Cost Averaging
Complete Flexibility

Build & Manage Your Stock Portfolio

Don't adjust with one or a few. Make way to add more investments to expand your reach for bigger turnouts!

Why Invest In 68 Aksarayaspor ?

Along with modern services and trustworthy support, we ensure you climb to great heights in every deal you choose.
Risk Diversification
Maintain a single account and branch out to various companies to collaborate your investments on a single platform.
Better Performance
Our vast resources and connectivity guarantee a quick response and lightning performance to step forth ahead of your competitors.
Invest In Innovative Companies
Never knew which shares are the best? Our team is ever-available to guide you to the best performing in the market.

Our Team

We have an efficient and experienced team with various professionals gathered together to push your efforts towards success.
Gerald I. Davis
Gerald I. Davis


    Sherry J. Thomas
    Sherry J. Thomas

    Fund Manager

      Mary J. Wright
      Mary J. Wright

      Risk Controller

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